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This is the home page of Surrey University’s new Practice Learning Platform. It is used by a number of different health coures in order to assess the professional practice of those in training.

The Platform generally replicates the paper process with which you are familiar unless it is a new course and all the forms maybe new to you. In terms of the existing courses there are a few minor changes to the process and the feedback form for each of your placements is now available electronically.

The platform can be accessed from any device that has a browser including your mobile phone and tablets.

One of the benefits of adopting an electronic approach is that you are able to see at a glance what is in progress and what has been completed. Indeed there will be times that the system does not allow you to proceed until certain forms have been completed. For example you will not be able to start your next placement until you have completed the evaluation of your previous placement.

There are various actions that need to be taken in order to start your course and each of the placements. These actions ensure that those who need to be able to view and interact with your portfolio can do so.

There are some start up guides available in the Help section that show you 'How to Get Started'.